Skora Core’s

This is the best shoe i’ve ever worn. Period.

This is how they look when new:
You see the design is very appealing. And – very functional. The stripes on every shoe are made from a reflective material, which does not jump in your eye at day,
but when running in the evening/night and meeting a biker with a lamp, there you go!

The leather is very smooth.
I love the asymmetric tongue design – no more problems with tongue wandering on itself where you do not want it.
The outsole is not only durable, but also more flexible as expected. Comparing to Vivobarefoots running shoes, running in Core’s is like floating on clouds.

Made from goat leather and SKORA’s own invention IBR outsole means you are not buying an average running shoe.
If you take a little care of the leather, the shoes behold its looks for a very long time.
I use the one pair of core’s for 2 years now, running in them at least 3x a week for 6-10km.
Take a look at the gallery, i think i’ll not need another pair for some time.

My foot is small (37.5cm) but wide.
Women’s Core Nr 6 was ok, even if i had to take care of expanding the leather on the toas.